People say that you can’t predict the weather, but you can prepare for it. When sailing the open seas, weather and winds can be your friend, but also your foe. There are many sailors’ tales of blustering winds, crashing waves, and sheets of rain. That’s why you should leave port equipped with the best offshore sailing clothing.

Types of clothing to add to your offshore sailing packing list are trousers, leggings, a drysuit, and a pair of yachting boots. The best bet is to dress and pack in layers. Always have a waterproof jacket and pants as well as footwear. Underneath, it is ideal to have warming layers. You can ask for sunny skies, calm winds, and going with the current; however, let’s face it the ocean will do what the ocean wants. There can be beautiful sunsets, bioluminescent waters, and dolphin pods and then a moment later squalls and waterspouts, altering the charted route for safety.

Remember that a happy ship has a happy captain and mates. Many a mutiny has occurred because of unhappy sailors and weather related mishaps. That’s why all of the offshore sailing clothing comes in various sizes and colors. Also, all sailing apparel is for both men and women.

Before it’s time to set sail on the next journey, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. A sailing bag is not complete without packing waterproof trousers, jacket, boots as well as many lightweight, warming layers (shirts, leggings, gloves, and more). Bon voyage!

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