At True North Sailing, we offer a great range of sailing backpacks and dry bags to help you carry all the essentials you need on a sailing trip. Whether you’re looking for a large waterproof backpack or a small and simple dry bag, you’ll find a diverse selection of sailing backpacks that are suitable for different uses.

If you have a lot of items to carry then a large sailing backpack is recommended since it’s more spacious, has more pockets and can be worn on your back like a regular rucksack. If you need something lighter to throw things like clothes inside, then a dry bag is the perfect option. You open it up, place your items inside, close it up and then throw it over your shoulder.

We also have a large overboard dry grab bag with space to write your vessel name. This is ideal for use in emergency situations and is an essential accessory to have on your boat.

Even if you’re not planning an adventure on the water, our sailing backpacks and dry bags are perfect for keeping your items clean and dry during adverse weather like heavy rain. They’re also lightweight and stylish enough to make them great as regular everyday bags. True North Sailing also offers a wide range of different accessories to go with our sailing backpacks.

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