Dry Bag

A dry bag is used for sailing and boating to transport essential clothes and equipment whatever your excursion. Due to the nature of sailing you need a bag that has a good amount of storage, is protected from any water, and is the best shape for storing and moving on and off the deck. True North Sailing has an excellent range. 

Gill 50L Dry Cylinder Bag

If you want a functional and straightforward dry bag, then look no further than the Gill Dry Cylinder Bag. It has a 50-litre capacity which is ideal for storing waterproofs, food, and essential equipment. The contents are protected by waterproof and puncture-resistant PVC. For carrying the bag has a detachable padded shoulder strap.  

Lomo 12L Dry Bag

For a professional dry bag, consider one of the new Lomo dry bags. They may have a smaller capacity, but they make up for it in quality materials and construction. The bags are made from heavy-duty material with a tough outer shell that will outlast many of us competitors. It has a shoulder strap for easy transportation and a roll-top closure to protect it from the elements. It's 12 L capacity is still more than usually required. 

Lomo 5L First Aid Dry Bag

No boating trip is complete without a Lomo first aid dry bag for safety and reassurance. You don't want your viral first aid supplies damaged or ruined by water. Like all Lomo dry bags, the seals on this one are RF welded to ensure contents are kept dry. The first aid dry bag does not come with first aid gear.

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