Wind Indicators and Burgees

Whether out for a leisure sail, a race, or a trans-Atlantic crossing, never leave port without the appropriate gear, apparel, and of course crew. Being a lover of sailing, one knows that it is a full-time job harnessing the powers of Mother Nature: wind, sun, tides, and currents. Many sailors opt for digital devices to indicate changes in depth, speed, temperatures, and navigational course. However, there are some simple items that do come in handy without too many bells and whistles such as wind indicators and burgees.

A wind indicator is pretty simple to understand. It shows the captain and mates the wind’s direction. Typically, these wind indicators are placed on the top of a mast for the highest placement. This keeps the moving wind indicator arrows out of the way the crew, but still within sight.

Speaking of within sight, many times sailors choose to use sailing burgees. These triangular, colorful flags indicate from which sailing club, organization, or racing team the boat belongs. Burgees are sometimes needed for signaling between boats as well as identification amongst the sailing community, including marinas, harbors, and mooring locations.

When heading out for a pleasure sail, a sailing race, or a longer voyage, it is wise to embark on your adventure prepared with the right gear, both technology and the tried and true, old school sailing supplies like sailing burgees and wind indicators. Bon voyage! May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face!

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