Junior Footwear

Whatever kind of sailing your family enjoys, whether it is yachting, dinghy, or kayaking, you want your children's feet to be as dry and comfortable as possible. Comfortable, water-resistant footwear can make all the difference to the level of enjoyments and harmony your family experiences on their trip.  

Gill Junior Edge Boots 

The Gill Junior Edge boots are perfect for any type of water sports activity but are particularly well suited to sailing, dinghy, and yachting. They are short ankle books with a closed lace system. This protects the feet from water intake and prevents injuries that result from loose laces. 

The boots have an ankle strap for extra support, so your child doesn't twist or sprain their ankle on an unsteady platform. They are further protected from this by the boots high grip sole designed to create balance on moving boats and wet surfaces. Along with exceptional support, the Gill Junior Edge Boots use state of the art technology and natural rubber for a waterproof experience. 

Gill Tall Yachting Boot

True North Sailing pay special attention to sailing clothes for Juniors as we know the importance of safety and comfort in the deck. The Gill Tall Yachting Boot is ideal for helping out on a boating trip and having fun safely on the deck of a moving and unsteady sailboat.

To prevent water intake, the boots are made from 100% natural rubber. They are tall and feature a tie at the edge to seal them against the leg. Inside the boots have a quick-drying polyester lining in case any water does get through. The book can be dried quickly below deck while enjoying the trip.  

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