Cleats & Adjusters

We have various types of sailing cleats and adjusters in stock and ready to ship at True North Sailing, including:

- Open Cleats

With their traditional shape, open cleats feature two horned points which sit level with the axis of your boat.

- Swivel Cleats

These are attached to swivel blocks and make a great choice for reducing friction in any control system that needs to be accessed at different angles.

- Cam Cleats

A hugely popular cleat choice amongst sailors, cam cleats have two cams for various loads of rope to pass through. Harken's range of Cam-Matic cleats make a great choice.

- Adjusters

Our range of adjusters are ideal for handling higher loads of rope on your vessel, while being easily adjusted out on the water.

Sailing Cleats & Adjusters - True North Sailing

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