Owatrol Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor 500ml

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Key Features

Apply directly on to rusted surfaces

Penetrates deep in to rusted surfaces to drive out moisture and air

Forms a solid stable layer that other paints can firmly adhere to

Completely seals sound underlying metal against corrosion

Compatible with all oil and alkyd based paints

Use on non-ferrous metals - zinc, copper, aluminum

Primer for galvanized surfaces - No weathering or pickling required

Additive for all oil/alkyd based paints, stains and varnishes

Fills woods pores with oil - Prevents paint peeling

Assures better adhesion of finishes

Eases application of finishes in difficult conditions

Improved flow ability - Increased wet edge time



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Penetrating rust inhibitor - stops rust and protects the base metal from further rusting, penetrates and protects down to the sound metal, drives out moisture and air and stabilizes. Leaves a bonding film on all surfaces - excellent adhesion to metal or wood. Maintains the natural look of the surface, enhanced adhesion, ideal foundation for primers or finishing coats, allows paint to be applied direct to firm rust, heat resistance up to +175°C.

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