Clearwater Chlorine Granules – 1kg

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Bestway Clearwater 1kg Chlorine Granules are used for sanitising your spa or pool, and maintaining a healthy environment. The chlorine granules disinfect the water by killing bacteria; they are quick dissolving and relatively pH neutral.

You can use Bestway Clearwater Dip Test Strips to check the chlorine levels of your spa & pool. You should test the water before every use to check that the chemical levels are correct and safe and also that the pH is between 7.6 and 7.2.

How to use:

To increase the amount of chlorine in your hot tub, then this can be achieved by sprinkling the chlorine granules directly in to your water (if your water temperature is over 20°C) or alternatively by pre-diluting in a container of warm water (this method should always be used if your applying to a hot tub with a water temperature of under 20°C). Try adding chlorine a little at a time to prevent over chlorination.

If your spa or pool becomes over chlorinated then you should wait for the chlorine level to naturally drop (this will happen on its own over a period of days) and re-test before using.

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