Clearwater Miracle Sponge Eraser Pad

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The Bestway Clearwater Miracle Pad is the utmost tool for keeping your pool or spa looking pristine. The sponge reacts to water and becomes rough and abrasive to easily clean even stubborn stains on the sides and bottom of pools and spas.

Simply add water and you'll be able to wipe away dirt and grime in no time. No need to use potentially harmful chemicals when you don't have to - so no need to drain your spa or pool every time you want to clean it.

Save yourself time and leave your pool looking ideal in not time with the Bestway Clearwater Miracle Pad.

Box Contains

3 x Clear Water Miracle Pads

  •     Cleans all hot tub or pool surfaces - effective around build-up on the waterline, removing grease and grime
  •     The reusable pads hardens when in contact with water – makes cleaning your hot tub or pool a much quicker job
  •     Environmentally conscious - no need for any chemical or detergent cleaners, just add water
  •     Easily removes dirt and grime with a simple rub
  •     Clearwater is a BISHTA approved UK brand that is recommended by brands such as Lay-Z-Spa and Bestway to help provide quality care to your pool or hot tub
  •     Clearwater provides a dedicated, friendly UK customer support team to assist you with any queries you may have

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