Hawk Marine Products is entering its fiftieth year as a leading UK manufacturer of Apparent Wind Indicators. Hawk Marine caters to a range of boating size requirements, from the Little Hawk Mk1 Wind Indicator for smaller Topper or Byte dinghies to larger 20m Racing or Cruising yachts with the Great Hawk Wind Indicator.

All Hawk Marine Apparent Wind Indicators are built for resilience and durability, with adaptable mounts to suit any make or model. The Little Hawk range comes in an MK1, MK2, or Race model, with a choice between a mounting bracket, self-mount on the masthead moulding or luff tube, or podium support for added security. Hawk Marine larger models are built of super tough nylon for strength and accuracy in the strongest winds. The whole range is easily adjustable and straightforward to fit. Should you wish to tape the Apparent Wind Indicator yourself, there is also ultra-secure Hawk Marine Slot Strip tape on hand in 2 or 3-metre lengths for a firm and accurate mount.

The precision-balanced reference arms react to the slightest change in wind direction to maximise your sailing experience. Save yourself race-critical time assessing wind direction from the top of the mast with our Hawk Race range. Every Hawk Marine product responds quickly to shifts and gusts with minimal lag so that you can adjust quickly for added speed.

Our Hawk Marine products come with our True North 30 day money-back guarantee, with 100% secure payment processing. Purchase your order of Hawk Marine Apparent Wind Indicators today for free delivery on all orders over £40.