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Limit watches are ideal for active people who enjoy sports or outdoor activities. The company has been supplying these watches since 1912, so it has a lot of experience deriving quality products onto the wrists of people they are designed for. That is boaters, sailors, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts. The limit range is made from Japanese quartz and comes in a variety of styles, both analogue and digital.

Limit Active Watch
A watch is not just for telling the time, not if you’re an active person with a need for a variety of functions not found on ordinary watches and quality you can rely on when you need it most. The Limit Active Watch is also a stopwatch for timing events, shifts, or processes that need extra precision. It also has a backlight to see important details in dark places and an alarm. The watch is made from a rigid black ABS plastic.

Limit Analogue Sports
Are you a runner or sportsperson who needs to time their activities with a watch that doesn’t get in the way or add much extra weight? The Limit Analogue Sports Watch is the perfect device. Ideal for smaller wrists the watch has a luminous face and easy to read markings. Its case is durable, made from lightweight ABD plastic and its strap is comfortable. You won’t notice you’re even wearing it.

Limit Digital Countdown Watch
The Limit Digital Countdown Watch is ideal for those who want to feel the weight of a watch. It’s chunkier but also more functional than it’s near competitors. This fully functional watch also displays the time in 12 and 24-hour format for better precision, it is also waterproof down to 100 meters.