Lomo Dry Bags and Backpacks are an excellent choice for people who work in wet areas such as pools and spas or have an offshore hobby like boating or yachting. Conventional canvas bags tend to soak through easily, take a long time to dry and are often the wrong shape for storing. Lomo’s range is different.

Lomo 10L Dry Bag
The Lomo 10L dry bag is the perfect capacity for those with a boating hobby or job at a local swimming facility. It can store a change of clothes, shoes, food, or any essential equipment quite easily. The dry bag is tough and waterproof, but also flexible for easy storage in places where pace is limited. The shoulder strap is helpful for transportation.

Lomo 30L Drybag Backpack
For seafarers, land lovers, and, everything in between, the Lomo 30 L Drybag Backpack offers the perfect balance of strength and comfort. If you want to be able to carry your gear comfortably and dryly, you probably need a dry backpack rather than a portable drybag. This backpack makes life easy with excellent shoulder straps and waist-belt.

Lomo 40L Dry Bag Rucksack
The Lomo 40L Dry Bag Rucksack sits somewhere between a dry bag and a backpack. It’s made from a rigid, flexible PVC material with RF welding on the seams to ensure it’s watertight. This is the same as a drybag; however, the Lomo backpack also has straps for carrying longer distances. It has a chest strap, a waist belt, and a roll-top design for the perfect balance of comfort and practicality.

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