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Whether you spend a lot of time on the water or will be having your first dinghy sailing experience, it’s important to carry dinghy sailing clothing to keep yourself dry and protected from the elements. Dinghy clothing needs to be warm and able to keep you dry, but you also need to have a full range of movement without restricting your ability to perform. At True North Sailing, we offer a range of different dinghy sailing clothing to help you stay protected on the water without limiting your range of movement.

We provide a range of rash vests, dinghy tops, long johns, wetsuits and leggings that are suitable for both men and women. Our dinghy clothing comes in multiple different sizes to ensure that it’s a perfect fit. If you need to purchase dinghy sailing clothing for children, we have a range of junior options such as buoyancy aids that will keep your child safe on the water. We also offer a range of additional accessories such as waterproof beanies and waterproof watches.

Dinghy clothing is surprisingly important if you want to keep yourself safe and protected in the water. We never know what adverse conditions we might face on the water, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared with suitable clothing to help protect you.