Junior Footwear

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Nothing ruins a day’s sailing like wet, cold feet. Especially when they belong to little ones! Whether you’re out kayaking, yachting or dinghy, shop our range of children’s comfortable, waterproof footwear to really make those memories magical. 

Gill Junior Edge Boots 

The Gill Junior Edge boots are ideal for any type of water sports. Being a short ankle strap boot with a closed lace system, they offer protection from water as well as any injuries from loose laces or sprained ankles! The ankle strap offers extra support and helps prevents ankles sprains on an unsteady platform. A perfect boot for any kind of sailing.

Gill Tall Yachting Boot

When you’re sailing with little ones, you need safety and comfort. The Gill Tall Yachting Boot is ideal for having fun and staying safe on an unsteady sailboat. Made of 100% rubber and featuring a tie edge, leaky boots are a thing of the past.