Harken 57mm Carbo T2 Block

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This Harken 57mm 2152 Carbo T2 Soft-Atach Pulley Block, feature composite sheaves that spin freely on Delrin ball bearing with curved bearing races. With no metal shackles or rivets, these blocks are the lightest soft-attach pulleys that Harken ever designed. They can be lashed, spliced or lashed through the load bearing center, decreasing the loads of the sideplates, acting as a safety back-up for the system. They are perfect to be used on traveler controls, mainsheets and vangs, cascades, bridles ad other systems where small lightweight blocks are called for. A length of Spectra line is included.

Sheave Diameter: 57mm/1 9/16in

Length: 79mm/3 1/16in

Weight: 59g/ 2oz

Breaking Load: 1080kg/2380lb

Maximum Rope Size: 11mm/7/16in

Maximum working load: 359kg/792lb

Carbo T2 Soft-Attach Air Blocks

Made of a tough reinforced composite the carbo air blocks or also know as pulleys are smooth-running and powerful performers, making trimming easy regardless of wind power. They are perfect for main, jib and spinnaker sheets on dinghies and sportboats control lines of boats of all sizes. High-strength, lightweight fiber-reinforced composite construction the open air blocks are designed to eliminate unnecessary material to reduce weight while being UV-stabilized (ball bearing, sheave, and sideplates) they stand up to sun, salt and time. The free running ball bearings roll on curved races dispersing the load for a higher strength block offering a low friction efficiency for fast trim and release. The ball bearings of the T2 Carbo Air Blocks range are made of a Delrin UV-staibilized acetal resin while the sideplates and sheave are made of a carbo composite material.

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