NiteStick Tiller Extension 90cm

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NiteStick tiller extensions are some of the most robust in the market. Using high strength carbon fibre and kevlar fibre provides a unique combination of strength, stiffness and high impact performance.
The choice of tiller extension is a very personal matter. That is why here at True North Sailing we have a wide range of lengths.

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Key Features

Super Grip along whole length of extension - inherent from the manufacturing process and what's more the grip gets better when wet!

Choice of end bung from a large rubber stopper knob or a small plastic end cap.

Large Stopper Knob - on hiking boats this stopper knob really helps you on that crash tack or gybe when you're in danger of the extension slipping out of your grasp. Fitted as standard on extensions up to 1.7m in length

White Plastic Cap - super lightweight cap minimises the inertia when sailing high speed skiffs and cats. Fitted on extensions of 1.8m or more.

Choice of Universal Joints. Three different joints are offered (see shop) but we recommend the cord reinforced UJ as all rubber joints fatigue and crack. Even if this happens while on the water these UJs will always get you home safely even when the polymeric connector has cracked. They're not cheap but they do have a long life.

Bolted Universal Joints for ease of UJ replacement.

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