What to Wear Sailing in Summer

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Sailing in the summer is wonderful – giving you the opportunity to enjoy sailing when temperatures are higher, the sun is (hopefully!) shining and conditions are less extreme than at other times of the year. However, knowing what to wear sailing in summer requires careful consideration and preparation.

Whether you’re embarking on a leisurely cruise or opting for an adventurous dinghy sail, this article will provide comprehensive guidance on what to wear and bring along during summer sailing excursions.

What type of sailing are you embarking upon?

The type of sailing you’re embarking upon will greatly influence what you’ll want to wear. For example, performance sailing or racing requires more active and dynamic movements, where agility and flexibility are crucial, so that will affect your clothing choices. Dinghy sailing involves small, lightweight boats that require active participation and often direct contact with the water, so you’ll want waterproof clothes that will keep you warm and protected from the elements.

Use this as your starting point for what to wear sailing in summer, and you’ll thank us later.

Check the weather

Just because it’s summer doesn’t automatically mean that the weather will be good and it’ll all be plain sailing. The weather in the UK can be very changeable, and it’s best to check weather forecasts thoroughly to see what conditions you can expect and use this as a basis from which to decide what to wear sailing in summer.

Buoyancy Aids

what to wear sailing in summer - buoyancy aid

No matter the time of year, having a comfortable and properly fitting buoyancy aid is essential for water activities, particularly sailing. Sailors should prioritise buoyancy aids that meet the approved standards set by relevant authorities.

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Sailing Trousers or Shorts

what to wear sailing in summer - gill impact sailing shorts

When going sailing, it’s important to wear clothes that are specifically designed for sailing, as they’re tougher and better able to withstand the elements and things that happen when sailing. This includes things like rubbing against ropes etc, that could rip other trousers or shorts.

We recommend wearing long trousers in particularly sunny weather, as they will help to protect your sun from the harmful rays of the sun and ensure you don’t end up sunburned, which can happen easily whilst out on the water.

Sailing Hat

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A sailing hat is a must in the summer, as it can help protect your head from the sun and help to keep the sun out of your eyes, as the glare can be extreme when out on the water.

Sailing Top

The type of sailing top you wear will depend on the type of sailing you’re doing and the weather conditions on the day.

Generally, we recommend wearing lots of layers, as even if it feels warm on land, the temperature can end up being much lower out on the water. Be sure to take both long and short-sleeved options with you, so you can ensure you’re comfortable no matter what the elements throw at you.

UV light protection is also something you should consider when choosing what to wear sailing in summer. As you’re exposed to the sun’s rays from being outdoors, they are also reflected back at you off the water, meaning you are even more exposed.

Rash Vest

what to wear sailing in summer - gill pro rash vest

Wearing a rash vest has many different benefits, such as offering sun protection and protection against abrasions that are very common when sailing.

It can help keep you comfortable by reducing chafing and irritation caused by saltwater, wind, or rubbing against equipment. Additionally, in colder conditions, a rash vest can provide a thin layer of insulation and help retain some body heat.

Rash vests are typically made from quick-drying materials like nylon or polyester. This feature is beneficial because it allows the vest to dry rapidly, keeping you more comfortable during extended periods on the water. The lightweight nature of rash vests also ensures ease of movement and doesn’t restrict your mobility while sailing.

Sailing Sunglasses

what to wear sailing in summer - sailing sunglasess

Sailing sunglasses are important to keep the glare out of your eyes so you can see and focus on the things you’re doing whilst on the water. Be sure to look for top-rated options.

Sailing Gloves

what to wear sailing in summer - gill short finger sailing gloves

Depending on what type of sailing you’re taking part in, you may need sailing gloves. Unlike gloves you might normally wear on land that are designed to keep your hands warm, sailing gloves are instead designed to protect your hands from ropes and other abrasive things at sea.

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